Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental responsibility policies are multi-layered, covering the natural resources, the people, and the climate we rely on. Please read our environmental policy below. In this section you can also learn about sustainable forest management, our biodiversity and conservation programmes and our efforts to manage our greenhouse gas (GHG) and water footprints.

Sustainable Forest Management

The pulp and paper industry’s most important raw material is pulpwood. At APP, we rely on the principles of sustainable development in managing our pulpwood plantations to ensure continual production and growth within a healthy forest ecosystem. One of the important factors in APP’s sustainable forest management is the implementation of our Forest Conservation Policy.

APP's Flagship Conservation Programs

APP is committed to protecting biological diversity, particularly with regards to native plant species, Sumatran tigers, elephants, orangutans, birds and other animals. APP and its fibre suppliers have implemented several Conservation Flagship Programs to protect and manage areas of significant and representative biological diversity and/or cultural significance for the benefit of the people of Indonesia.

Emissions Reduction, Water and Energy

APP’s research and development centres are the focus of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint across a range of impact areas – notably GHG emissions, waste reduction, water conservation, and energy. We also carry out research aimed at developing faster growing and more robust trees for our plantations, by selective breeding. There is also ongoing research into the carbon sequestration capabilities of plantations.

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