A4 Paper

Varieties of A4 Paper Grammages, Types, Functionality, Pricing, and Quality Levels! Explore our range of paper selection and harness the versatility of their popular A4 paper size to meet all your dynamic needs.

IK Yellow

IK Yellow A4 Paper is a multifunction business paper with exceptional image quality, optimized smoothness for trouble-free copying, and high opacity for double-sided printing

IK Signature

IK Signature is a premium A4 paper designed for high-quality printing, engineered with the finest pulp selection. Its exceptional thickness, whiteness, smoothness, and brightness stand out. With the inclusion of TRUTONE Technology, IK Signature excels in both performance and print quality, making it the ideal choice for professional portfolios.

IK Natural

IK Natural is a specialized A4 paper tailored for high-speed copy machines, featuring Fast Copying technology for dependable jam-free quality. Its design prioritizes affordability without compromising performance, making it a practical choice for users with substantial paper needs.

IK Copy

IK Copy is a meticulously designed A4 paper to excel on high-speed copy machines, featuring the dependable Fast Copying technology for consistent jam-free quality. It caters to users with substantial paper requirements, ensuring affordability without compromising performance.

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