Quality Office Paper Matters!

Quality office paper matters!
Quality Office Paper

Paper is paper, right? Not true! Office A4 paper has a lot of different characteristics that determine how good the finished product will be. From weight to brightness, below are some elements that makes IK Yellow Paper the perfect office paper.

A jam-free printing experience – When an employee deals with a printer jam or an equipment breakdown, they spend less time on important tasks. To maintain optimal efficiency and performance in the office, look for a paper brand with reliance of  jam-free printing, such as IK Yellow A4 Paper, to keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand.

High paper thickness — For important documents such as reports and presentations, heavier papers give more durability and opacity. A decent guideline is to choose 70 gsm A4 paper for daily, internal use and 80 gsm A4 paper for important external use.

Proper brightness – The amount of light reflected from a piece of paper is referred to as brightness. IK Yellow Paper offers a high white appearance and 98%  brightness. Colors become more brilliant and appealing when printed on brighter paper, giving graphics and images the illusion of “popping” off the page.

Choosing high-quality office paper can have an influence on workplace productivity and presentation, ultimately influencing your bottom line.

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