Power Up Your 2023 New Year Resolutions with IK Yellow!

IK Yellow new year resolution

It’s that time of the year again: you reflect on what happened this year, you decide to make some changes, and you begin to plan out your New Year 2023 resolutions. But wait a minute, these resolutions look familiar. 

Oh, that’s right — they’re from last year’s resolutions list. 

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Resolutions can be daunting (especially when your list of New Year’s Resolutions is as long as your holiday shopping list). We get it, change is hard — trying to force yourself to get up extra early and exercise, to leave off desserts, to quit smoking, or whatever it is you want to do with your life, is easier said than done. Chances are, you tried that last year and chances are, it didn’t work out. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way in 2023. It turns out that the simple act of putting pen to paper and writing down those resolutions increases the odds that we will keep them. 

Don’t believe us? We figured you’d want some evidence, so here’s what science has to say. 

The Science Behind Writing Down your Goals 

Did you know? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. 

The explanation has to do with the way our brains work. As you may know, your brain has a left and a right hemisphere. When you dream and long for something you are pretty much only using the imaginative right side of your brain. But, when you actively jot down 

your goals, and begin defining and giving life to them, you then start to use the logic- based left side of your brain which sends a signal to your consciousness that says: I want this, and I mean it! 

So, if you want to enlist the full potential of your whole brain in the New Year 2023, grab a piece of paper and start writing your goals down — it’s the most effective way of making and keeping your new year’s resolutions. Here are 5 more reasons to prove it: 

5 Reasons Why you Should Write your 2023 Resolutions Down 

1.Increases Your Motivation 

When you jot down your goals on paper, your motivation to achieve them increases. One of the primary reasons you’ll experience this is because of self-accountability, which happens the moment you commit on paper your intent to reach an objective. When you put pen to paper, you are therefore subconsciously giving yourself a command, which makes you feel automatically committed to the objectives you’ve set for yourself. So, each time you get distracted, your brain will subtly remind you of your goals and resolutions, thereby motivating you to take action towards them! 

2. Improves Your Recall 

When you were at school, you undoubtedly took copious amount of notes during class. Why? Because it helped with recall. But why does it help so much? That’s because when you start writing down your goals on paper, you embed them deeply into your mind, which makes it easier for your brain to remember what the goals are in the long-term. In fact, scientists have shown that you are more likely to remember things you have written down than things that you have only seen or passively read. This is called the generation effect. 

3. Prompts Action 

The visual cue of seeing your resolutions not only makes it so much easier for you to remember your goals, but it also helps you take action towards them. Writing establishes intention — having a written account of your goals is therefore a constant reminder to take action towards your resolutions. In addition, jotting your 2023 resolutions on paper will allow you to break your goals into smaller, easier-to-reach steps. For example, having a goal to write a novel might seem daunting but if you break that goal down to writing one page a day, you might be scared to start! 

4. Serves as a Reminder 

The daily hustle and bustle of life makes it easy to get distracted from our resolutions. Sometimes, things get so busy, we completely forget them. Before a resolution is on paper, it’s nothing more than a thought, a longing, a mental state. But, when your resolution finds its way onto a journal, or a piece of paper, it becomes concrete. So, a paper with your goals written on them, whether tucked away in your wallet or taped up on your refrigerator can work as a visual cue, hence serving you as a reminder to keep working on pursuing your goals in 2023! 

5. Provides Clarity 

When you write down your goals, you clarify what it is you really want. Imagine setting out on a trip with no particular destination in mind. How do you pack? What roads do you take? How do you know when you have arrived? This is why you always start by picking a destination. The same holds true with the milestones in your life. Writing down your resolutions will force you to select something specific and decide what you want — with your goals in front of you in 2023, you’ll make fewer wrong turns and invest less time in trialanderror dead ends. 

Embracing the Year 2023 Ahead 

Now you know: If you want to turn more of your great ideas, hopes, and dreams into a form you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, you need to write down your goals. They may seem awesome in your mind, but you might end up simply running on the fumes of wishful thinking if you don’t bother to write them down on paper. Jotting down New Year 2023 resolutions will also serve as a visual cue and help encode the goal into your brain, hence allowing you to achieve success faster and more efficiently with less stress! 

Not sure how to kickstart your New Year resolutions? A good starting point is to have good-quality paper on hand — the better the paper the more pleasant your writing experience will be. And let’s not forget the immense satisfaction that’s going to come along with physically ticking off one of your resolutions off the 2023 bucket list. 

Now take that feeling and multiply it ten times over when it comes to using a higher-grade paper quality. That’s exactly what you get when you choose IK Yellow! Widely available in complete sizes and grammages, IK Yellow offers exceptional quality and high paper brightness, which makes it the preferred choice and bestselling paper in Malaysia! 

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