The Impact of Using The Right Paper

The right A4 Paper for You!
IK Yellow - The right A4 Paper for You!

Print, unlike digital, has a superpower: it offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to stimulate people’s senses. Many of our actions and behaviours are also influenced by sensory information, even if it’s subconsciously. While digital printing relies on sight, physical printing provides a tangible means to make your project look better, feel awesome, and stand out.


IK Yellow paper is ideal for your printing. However, not all paper is created equal. When it comes to high white appearance and brilliant colours, IK Yellow is the way to go.


People often don’t notice A4 paper quality, but when you use a brighter print-out, they’ll notice the difference right away. IK Yellow paper is whiter and smoother, producing vibrant colours, sharp pictures with TRUTONE Technology.


The type of A4 paper you use for a project has a significant impact. People are tactile and visual beings, and the moment they touch the paper, they build an impression of the project. Using our paper ensures that your projects make a fantastic first impression every time, thanks to its heavier weight, thicker feel, increased brightness, and superior print outcomes.


For more than two decades, IK Yellow products have been made widely available throughout the country, making us the the prefer choice and best selling paper in Malaysia.


IK Yellow comes in various of sizes ranging from B4, B5, F4, A4 & A3 in 70 gsm and 80 gsm, suitable for any work. Our processes of paper making are environmentally friendly and sustainable, which we believe to be important in this day and age.


So what are you waiting for? Shop now and get IK Yellow today!

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