A3 Paper

High-quality A3 paper at IK Yellow. Perfect for your printing needs, our A3 paper ensures crisp, vibrant results for your documents and projects. Upgrade your printing experience today!

IK Yellow

Top-quality printing with IK Yellow A3 paper. This multifunction business paper offers exceptional image clarity, reduced text see-through, and hassle-free usage. With a 98% brightness and high CIE 165 white appearance, your prints will be vivid and sharp.

IK Signature

IK Signature A3 paper is a premium paper quality, engineered with precision. Crafted from the finest pulp selection, it boasts high thickness, exceptional whiteness, smoothness, and brightness. With the cutting-edge TRUTONE Technology, IK Signature A3 paper ensures top-tier performance and print quality, making it the ideal choice for your professional portfolios.

IK Natural

Meet your high-speed copy machine’s ideal partner, IK Natural A3 paper. Engineered with Fast Copying technology, it’s your trusted solution for consistent jam-free performance. IK Natural is designed for heavy paper users, offering quality at an affordable price point.

IK Copy

IK Copy A3 paper – Your High-Speed Copy Machine’s Best Friend. Engineered with innovative Fast Copying technology, it’s your go-to selection for uninterrupted, high-quality printing. IK Copy is designed for those who demand excellence in heavy paper usage without breaking the bank.

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