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Jan 25 2024

Remote Work, Redefined with IK Yellow Paper!

Remote work certainly has its charms, but let's be real — maintaining peak performance over the long haul requires dedication.

Dec 25 2023

5 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season with IK Yellow!

As you gear up for the festivities this season, it's important to ensure that every aspect of your holiday preparations is nothing short of spectacular.

Oct 25 2023

Paper Through History: 5 Facts You Might Not Know!

We all use paper in our daily lives. But how much do you actually know about this essential commodity? Here are 5 facts about the history of paper and paper making that might surprise you!

Sep 26 2023

A4 Paper: Your Study Sidekick for Smarter Learning

Preparing for exams can be tough. Level up your study game with A4 paper, the key to effective note-taking and smarter learning!

Aug 09 2023

The Role of A4 Paper Whiteness in Achieving Crisp Prints

Tired of dull print quality? Discover the crucial role of paper whiteness in achieving crisp prints and elevate your printing game with IK Yellow A4 paper!

Jun 07 2023

A4: The Gold Standard

Experience seamless printing with A4 80gsm paper. Compatible, versatile, and perfect for business reports, assignments, and creative projects. Elevate your printing experience today.

Mar 23 2023

Rethink Color With IK Yellow

Did you know color is a powerful tool in print? Read on and find out how to leverage the power of color in your printed media with IK Yellow!

Jan 11 2023

Paper: The Ultimate Material When it Comes to Recycling.

Paper is often seen as the recycling industry’s biggest success story. Find out how you can maximize the use of your old printouts with IK Yellow!

Dec 27 2022

2023 New Year Resolutions with IK Yellow!

New Year is right around the corner and it’s time to get started on those 2023 resolutions. Find out how the simple act of writing your resolutions down can set you up for the best chance of success in 2023!