Rethink Color with IK Yellow

Imagine living in a world without color. No pink flowers, no blue sky, no green leaves, and no yellow sun to make the world a brighter place. Quite a dull picture, isn’t it?

As humans, we are accustomed to colors. They aren’t just a part of our everyday lives — they actually affect our decisions and reactions. But color is more than that, isn’t it? Color also plays an integral role in influencing consumer behavior, including purchasing decisions, perception, and more. Used strategically, colors can draw in your audience, providing you with a better opportunity to get your message across.

When it comes to printing, color is also an important facet that can totally change the impact of your design and how customers react to it. In fact, a customer is much more likely to remember your colored printed material than the same material in monochrome. Why? Because our brains love color! Here’s some psychological facts to prove it:

The Psychology of Color in Printed Materials

Did you know? 93% of purchasing decisions are based on visual appearance.

Color exerts much more power over the human psyche than you probably ever realized, and actually affects how the brain functions. Today, researchers in both the science and psychology fields have identified countless human responses to color – many of which might astound you. Here are some tidbits of what experts in the field say about different colors:

Red: An attention-grabbing, bold, and warm color that gets the reader’s attention and urges them to act.

Yellow: A vibrant hue that communicates comfort, liveliness, optimism, happiness, and energy.

Green: An environmental color that can as well convey durability, luxuriousness, optimism, and freshness.

Blue: A color that communicates peace, professionalism, loyalty, and reliability.

As you can tell, choosing the right colors in your printed media can significantly affect your business and customers. Now that you have your color scheme sorted, let’s find out how else printing in color can benefit your organization

The Value of Printing in Color

Creates Impact

Nothing says “dull” like a stack of black and white brochures gathering dust on a shelf. Whether you’re printing a flyer for the upcoming office party or a batch of mailings to send to your clients, printing in color can capture attention, send powerful messages and can even prompt people to buy products and services. So, if a picture paints a thousand words, then color adds vivacity and life to it.

Improves Business Reputation

Color conveys a professional tone for your business. Think about the last time you got business flyers in the mail. You most likely received black and white monochrome flyers but if these flyers were in color, they might have had a longer lasting effect. In fact, studies show that leveraging colors in your printed materials can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent, hence promoting a sense of accomplishment, stability and professionalism for your business.

Enables Greater Retention and Recall

In addition to improving the visual appeal of a print, color makes printed information easier to store and recall. Studies show that adding color to your printed media can improve customers’ memory and comprehension by as much as 73 percent. So, when you add color to your marketing collateral, your customers are way more likely to not only read but also to retain your message!

The Best Way to Achieve Bright Colors in Print

What you print is important, as we say. It brings your ideas to life. And let’s face it, life is better in vivid hues so here are some things to consider to ensure you keep printing your ideas to life in the best possible color:

1. Paper Quality

Not all papers are created equal. Lower quality paper may cause dullness of color or bleed on documents. With outstanding color performance and flawless print quality, IK Yellow’s Trutone Technology gives sharpening printing results on pigment-based inkjet printers. Applied for IK Yellow’s multipurpose paper, Trutone Technology is a printing breakthrough that can achieve high levels of detail, crispness and color accuracy for your printed documents.

2. Paper Grammage

Paper grammage is another variable that can have a significant impact on the quality of your colored printed documents. To choose the correct grammage, you must first consider the function of your print products. For office use, the most common A4 paper weights are 80 GSM paper and 70 GSM paper. Here is a quick guide to help you understand which paper weight is best suited for your business:

80 GSM A4 Paper – An 80 GSM A4 paper has just the right thickness for signs, flyers, professional presentation materials and as cover material for documents. These sturdy paper weights offer the smoothest finishes, clear colors and the greatest resistance to translucency. Using an 80 GSM A4 paper will not only help you save time and money on printing and photocopying but will also elevate the color consistency and accuracy of your printed documents to new heights.

70 GSM A4 Paper – If you’re constantly printing off multi-page forms or lengthy articles, then a low-grammage paper like the 70 GSM A4 paper might be best suited to your needs (and less costly!). Lucky for you, IK Yellow’s 70 GSM A4 paper is designed primarily for high-volume printing and provides consistent and incredibly reliable color performance. So, if you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between excellent color quality and significantly reduced weight, the 70 GSM A4 paper makes a worthy investment!

3. Paper Brightness and Whiteness

The brighter and whiter the paper, the more it reflects light, allowing your printed piece to achieve higher contrast as well as a wider gamut of color.  When it comes to high white appearance and brilliant colors, IK Yellow is the way to go — with 98% brightness and high white appearance, IK Yellow’s 70 GSM and 80 GSM A4 paper deliver exceptional image quality and accurate color reproduction of all your documents ensuring picture-perfect print quality every single time!

Unlock the Power of Color with IK Yellow!

If you’re looking to bring color to the forefront of your business, you need a reliable color printer but most importantly you need good quality paper that can render sharp and accurate color reproduction. That’s where IK Yellow comes in! Whether it’s attention-grabbing posters or eye-catching documents, IK Yellow makes it much easier to print in color across a wide range of paper formats available in a variety of sizes including B4, B5, F4, A4 & A3 in 70 GSM and 80 GSM.

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