The Perfect Paper For Your Family

The perfect paper for your family

More than ever before, the home has become the focal point of daily life, acting as the office, school, childcare, restaurant, and other functions. Even when the world returns to “normal,” with in-person activities resumed, working and learning from home – at least part-time – will most likely become the “new normal” in the future.

Whether you’re working from home or assisting with schoolwork, having excellent A4 paper on hand is essential. Every home should have a stock of IK Yellow Paper at hand. Each ream is designed for consistent performance and high run-ability, as well as a high-quality, sharp and clear reproduction of all your documents with less text see-through. IK Yellow A4 Paper has 98% brightness, high white appearance, high thickness and jam-free printing which is an excellent partner for high-speed copier, laser and inkjet printer, and fax machines.


IK Yellow Paper is the best paper for a wide range of situations:

Daily work: You’ll be able to get the best copying paper for your needs.

Household Management: Print receipts, grocery lists, and tax forms quickly and effortlessly.

College work: IK Yellow Paper is guaranteed to print without a hitch, whether it’s a worksheet or a report that needs to be submitted.


With impeccable performance and quality, IK Yellow Paper is available in a wide range of formats, including 70 gsm and 80 gsm  grammage options, as well as in  numerous sizes.

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