Getting The Right A4 Paper for Your Office

Right A4 paper for your work

Have you ever struggled to decide which A4 size paper to buy for your office? You are not alone. To the untrained eye, all papers may appear the same. There’s more to paper sizes and colors that meets the eye. The texture, weight, and thickness of the paper are all important considerations when buying A4 paper. Here are 3 things to remember before making your purchase:

1.  Learn Your Paper Terms 

Reams – If you plan to buy a lot of paper, the unit of measurement “reams” should catch your eye. An A4 Paper Ream is typically defined as a package of the paper stack containing 450 to 500 paper sheets.

GSM – The abbreviation GSM stands for grammes per square meter and is another unit of measurement. It denotes the thickness of a sheet of paper.

Opacity – The translucency of the paper is referred to as its opacity. This is critical if you intend to print on both sides of the paper. Low opacity papers are not suitable for double-sided printing.

2.  Paper Grammes are Important

For office use, the most common A4 paper weights are 70 GSM and 80 GSM.

80 GSM A4 Paper – The standard weight for printing is 80 GSM. Using 80 GSM A4 paper will help you save time and money on printing and photocopying. Its weight is ideal for printing because it has just the right thickness, whereas anything heavier, such as 120 GSM and higher, would be better suited for distributional materials such as flyers and business cards.

70 GSM A4 Paper – A thick A4 paper might seem a lot nicer but it isn’t always the ideal choice for your project. If you’re constantly printing off multi-page forms or lengthy articles, then a low-grammage paper like the 70 GSM A4 paper might be best suited to your needs (and less costly!). Lucky for you, IK Yellow’s 70

GSM A4 paper is designed primarily for high-volume printing and provides consistent, high-quality rendering. So, if you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between excellent quality and significantly reduced weight, the 70 GSM A4 paper runs perfectly. Plus, it’s affordable too!

3.  Pick the Right Brand

You’ve heard the expression “to each his own,” which means that everyone is entitled to their own preferences, which also applies to selecting the best A4 paper.

IK Yellow products have been widely available throughout the country for more than two decades, making us the preferred choice and best-selling paper in Malaysia. Our paper offers 98% brightness and a high white appearance which has been formulated to enhance your documents with superior vibrancy, accurate color reproduction and outstanding print quality.

IK Yellow is also available in a variety of sizes including B4, B5, F4, A4 & A3 in 70 GSM and 80 GSM, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our papermaking processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable, which we believe is critical in this day and age.

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